recent reviews for ‘tend’

I am so grateful for these thoughtful reviews of tend that have come to my attention recently.

“Kate Hargreaves is a surgeon, slicing poems down to the bone; a sculptor, cleaving away all except what is required to reveal what is missing, or perhaps what was present all along” – Susan Wismer for the Miramichi Reader

“There are some really magnificent and powerful shifts, eddys and pivots in these poems, offering a subtle and delightful patter blend of sound and rhythm across some dark and difficult meanings” – rob mclennan for periodicities

“Much of the care expressed is aspirational rather than actualized — a tendency rather than a perfect practice — but these are poems that gaze toward futures: of the self, of public transit, of bumblebees.” – Jade Wallace for Carousel

Tend showcases Hargreaves’ keen observation of the world around her as she collects images—the minutiae of everyday living—in a poetic inventory that speaks of the passage of time, mortality, isolation, and our own fragility.” – Kim Fahner for periodicities

I also had the chance to be interviewed by Sharon Berg for the Miramichi Reader here and on the All Write in Sin City Podcast here.